Registration is available first to members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, then to currently enrolled students, their siblings, and then to the community. Registration takes place in February. Refer to the January calendar or contact the Preschool Office for the date of our Annual Registration Open House sessions.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, religious affiliation, special needs, etc., when admitting children to the preschool program.

Application for admission shall be made by submitting the registration packet provided by the Preschool.


Application for admission shall be made by submitting $75.00 registration fee which is non-refundable. Each child must apply each year. Classes are filled in the order that the registration forms are received and at the discretion of the Director. The Director is authorized to place children in classes that best serve their social and developmental needs. With that in mind, we feel that children learn best when they are with children who are close in age. The school is unable to accept requests for specific teachers or class [Download Application]

Registration is not completed and no child will be admitted until, the child’s VA school entrance health form is returned to the Financial Director. St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool requires all children to have complete immunizations prior to being accepted into the program. No religious exemptions will be accepted. The deadline is September 1 of the new school year. At the time of admittance, parents of new students must submit a proof of identity which can either be a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, notification of birth (hospital, physician or midwife record), birth registration card, or a passport. This state law is to establish the child’s identity.

Admission Process

ALL classes are full at this time. Please complete an application to be put on our wait list. Please Download an application. You are welcome to call our office to schedule a personal tour. (703) 573-0494. We schedule tours: Tuesday-Thursday from 10-1 pm.

Teaching Staff

The teachers at St. Paul’s are Christians and are experienced in working with children. In addition they are kind, caring, nurturing and loving. They guide the children in developing spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. St. Paul’s staff celebrates and teaches Christian truths at all times.