Effective June 1, 2007, all religious exempt programs that choose to administer prescription and non-prescription medication, must successfully complete a medication administration training program provided by the Virginia Board of Health. St. Paul’s staff members have all received this training. Therefore we will continue to administer “emergency” medications only.

All medications that are kept at the Preschool require a Written Medication Consent Form. THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED EVERY SIX MONTHS. The medication administration consent form requires the signature of the parent (or guardian) as well as the prescribing physician.

Medication containers must be labeled in permanent ink with the child’s name and the dosage amount.

Prescription medication must be in the original container with the prescription label attached. EPI-Pens should be brought to school in their boxes, as the prescription label is attached to the box. St. Paul’s requires two EPI-Pens at all times.

Due to changes in the Virginia Board of Health regulations, we are no longer permitted to administer Benadryl, we are ONLY certified to use an EPI-Pen.

The parent must bring the medication to the Preschool Office in a zip-lock bag labeled with his or her child’s name on it. DO NOT send medication in your child’s backpack. Emergency medications will be kept by your child’s teacher and taken with them wherever the child goes. Any back-up medications will be kept in the Preschool Office.

Please remember to pick up medication from your child’s teacher and the Preschool Office on the last day of school.