Beginning in September 2017, our Teachers will implement Portage Project Curriculum. Portage focuses on 5 areas of development in children.

  • Sensory
  • Communication & Literacy
  • Social & Emotional
  • Learning
  • Physical Health.

Each teacher will also use a guide to assess the child’s progress. To find out more information, please go to their web-site @

In order for our curriculum to have a sense of cohesiveness, we teach through themes. We look at the “big idea” and create ways to extend that idea into every area in which we might establish a learning center – art, block play, science, cooking, music, books, dramatic play and so on. The teachers integrate the idea throughout the classroom so that children who are building with blocks, children who are exploring science, and children who are looking at books are all experiencing the same concept in different ways. Teachers plan for their whole classroom to fit together in a way that is logical and unified. The activities are planned according to children’s needs, interests and maturation levels. Along with the themes we emphasize spiritual development through bible verses and stories, listening, following directions, responsibility, cooperation and respect for teachers, peers and self.

Your child will attend chapel once a week on Wednesday or Thursday. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to experience “big church”. In addition your child will learn valuable bible stories and lessons, as presented by Pastor Mark, an Associate Pastor, Director of Family Ministries or the Preschool Director.

Although music is a daily part of our preschool day, a special music class is taught one day each week on Wednesday or Thursday. Music is an opportunity for children to play, to imagine, to feel, to express, and to learn through the use of music and movement. Children participate in developmentally appropriate activities allowing them to grow naturally. Through singing, moving, listening and playing simple instruments children begin to build an appreciation for music.

Admission Process

ALL classes are full at this time. Please complete an application to be put on our wait list. Please Download an application from our web-site. You are welcome to call our office to schedule a personal tour. (703) 573-0494

Teaching Staff

The teachers at St. Paul’s are Christians and are experienced in working with children. In addition they are kind, caring, nurturing and loving. They guide the children in developing spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. St. Paul’s staff celebrates and teaches Christian truths at all times.