Communication with School and Teachers

Each teacher sets up and moderates a private, password-protected Shutterfly site for their classroom each year. Only current classroom parents can access it. It is used as a way to message families, show class photos, create sign-ups for classroom activities and parties, etc.

Information regarding the Preschool can be obtained on this website.Teachers will provide a monthly newsletter that will be posted on the Shutterfly Website. There will also be a monthly calendar posted outside of the classroom door on the class bulletin board.

We also have a Parent Resource Center, located at the bottom of the stairwell when you enter. Please look at this board for important information.

Our teachers are more than willing to talk with families about their child’s progress however the teachers DO NOT provide families with email access. Requests for a meeting, or information about a child should be made in writing and given directly to the teacher. Families are welcome to use the Preschool email address ( as a means to communicate with teachers.


We are always willing to share our observations of your child with you. Most often, these will be informal conversations or phone calls. However in November a report will be sent home that will show how your child is progressing. Should you have concerns or questions, the teacher at that time would be willing to meet with you. In April parent-teacher conferences will be held. Through the use of our Portage Curriculum Assessments, we will discuss your child’s ability in the preschool environment and discuss his or her growth in the main developmental areas. If at any time prior to the April conference you wish to talk to your child’s teacher, please make arrangements to meet before or after school. Drop off and pick-up times are not conducive to discussing something as important as your child.

Parent Participation

One of the best features of our preschool is the wonderful support and encouragement families offer the staff and each other. There are many ways to get involved, such as helping in your child’s class, helping on field trips and getting involved in our fundraising efforts.

When parents get involved in the child’s preschool it enables the child to see their parents as important and concerned members of the preschool environment. It also provides parents with opportunities to view the child with teachers and other children.

Parents may gain valuable insights and techniques from the expertise of the staff, and at the same time, share their own talents to maintain the excellent quality here at St. Paul’s. School then becomes a shared experience, which hopefully will continue throughout each child’s educational process.